Vision, Mission and Objectives


To become an internationally reputable, integrated oil and gas company.


To contribute to the Gross National Product of the Maldives, by developing the external wing of the national economy through participation in the energy business.


  • To provide the Government with a steady flow of wealth particularly in foreign exchange.
  • To create employment to Maldivian nationals and develop them to the competence level of international oil company employees.
  • To engage in oil and gas business in the most environmentally friendly manner.
  • To make MNOC an internationally competent oil company in terms of business and technical expertise.
Specific Activities of MNOC
  • Crude oil and natural gas exploration in the Maldives and abroad.
  • International trade in oil and gas and their by products.
  • Refine crude oil in foreign refineries under crude oil refining and processing agreements.
  • Acquire or hold share in refineries in foreign countries.
  • Undertake oil and gas projects in Maldives and other countries particularly in the following areas independently or in joint-venture/association with reputed international specialized companies:
    • Exploration and exploitation of oil and gas.
    • Drilling and related services.
    • Offshore and onshore fabrication, installation and commissioning.
    • Construction activities relating to oil & gas infrastructure.
    • Revamping and refurbishment of refineries, pipelines, platforms, oil rigs and other oil & gas infrastructure.
  • Participate fully or partially in oil and gas exploration and production projects in foreign countries.
  • Hold equity in oil fields in foreign countries either wholly or under production sharing basis.